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About Us
Based in Clemson, SC, The Carolina Chaos is incorporated in the State of South Carolina as a Not-for-Profit Limited Liability Company. The Carolina Chaos was founded in 1992 in Liberty, SC. The Carolina Chaos holds membership in the Southern Collegiate Baseball League which provides sanctioning by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and Major League Baseball.


Our History
The Carolina Chaos, founded in 1992, grew out of a small regiment of high school players based in Liberty South Carolina, a small town in the upper western corner of South Carolina. The team started as a small summer traveling high school baseball team that saw a great deal of success about the time the rise in what is known now as "traveling teams" were being developed. By the mid 90's, Liberty's small traveling team, at that time known as "Liberty Baseball", clad in their signature Black and Red jerseys, was averaging over 50 games per summer. Liberty Baseball participated in tournaments throughout the Southeastern US and became known as one of the most successful traveling baseball clubs in the nation. In 1998, players participated in 50 games, with a record of 48-2. At that point, the core group of players had expanded to include players from other areas of the state, as well as neighboring states. In the late 90's the team amassed a cumulative record of 155-6, a record that was indicative of the caliber of players that the team was recruiting.

Upon entering the year 2000, there were several changes that took place with Liberty Baseball. Many of the players progressed through their high school years and the team began to take on a new look, as those players that had graduated high school and moved onto playing college baseball were looking for a teams to play on during the summer. During that time, Liberty Baseball had taken on a regional attraction, as many players were coming from neighboring states to participate on the team. In 2000, the team participated in college division of the AAIBC. Ultimately, the season was one of the most successful on record. Liberty ended the season with a record of 50-1, and the AAIBC National Championship. In 2001, the team returned to the national spotlight, again participating in the national championship game, and placing second in the national tournament with a record of 48-6.

In 2002 the decision was made to rename the team to the "Carolina Chaos", a name fitting a team that had amassed a record of 253-13 (.951) in their previous six years, while playing some of the strongest talent across the nation. During that time, The Carolina Chaos also made the decision to pursue an all-college roster, in hopes of promoting some of the best talent from across the nation. 2002 saw the Chaos participate in an abbreviated exhibition season, as a provisional member of the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, a new league that was based in Charlotte, NC. The SCBL was one of the premiere college leagues in the nation at the time, and was also applying for sanctioning from Major League Baseball and the NCAA.

In December of 2002, The Carolina Chaos was granted full membership into the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, it was also announced that the Southern Collegiate Baseball League had been granted sanctioning by the NCAA and as formally endorsed by Major League Baseball. At that point, the SCBL became one of of only eight summer collegiate leagues from across the nation to be recognized by Major League Baseball.

In 2003, the Carolina Chaos participated in their first year of the Southern Collegiate Baseball League. 2003 became a year that the Carolina Chaos would remember for many years to come. The inaugural season in the SCBL was one of the best, as the Chaos sported a record of 35-15. The Chaos won the Southern Division Championship and ended the season as Regular Season Champions. 2003 also was the first year that the Chaos had players selected for the Major League Baseball Draft. In all, 9 players off of the 2003 Chaos roster signed contracts to play professional baseball, three of those players were selected in the Major League Baseball draft. David Travis, a senior at Southern Wesleyan University from Springfield, IL, played first base for the Chaos during the 2003 season. Travis was selected in the 13th round of the 2004 Major League Baseball draft. He is now a member of the Washington Nationals organization. Beau Torbert, a rising senior outfielder for the Chaos in 2003 from Phenix City, AL that played for Faulkner University, was drafted in the 17th round to the Houston Astros and Casey Smith, a utility player for the Chaos that played for nearby Erskine College, was selected in the 9th round of the MLB draft by the San Diego Padres. Since then, the Carolina Chaos has averaged sending 4 players each year to play baseball professionally.

The summer of 2007 marked the fifth year anniversary of the Carolina Chaos' association with the Southern Collegiate Baseball League. At the conclusion of the 2007 season, the Carolina Chaos organization saw some additional changes take place. Team owner Brian Swords made several decisions that will hopefully sustain the team for many years to come. The first decision was to incorporate the team as a stand-alone Non-Profit corporation. This decision was made to prepare the team for the next step, which was the establishment of an advisory board that will guide the team in the future. The decision was also made to pursue a different sort of look for the team, one that will provide summer baseball players with an experience in addition to a competitive baseball season, which will help them develop into positive leaders in life and the community. The advisory board, and coaching staff of the Carolina Chaos sought council and advise from those close to baseball, such as: former major league players, college and high school coaches from across the nation, as well as former players of the Chaos in order to solicit input on where the team should go in the future. The decision was reached that the Carolina Chaos would align themselves with the Christian principles that have been adopted by other organizations such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Summer Baseball organization and Athletes in Action. The team also made a commitment to get more involved in the youth of the local community. By doing so, numerous activities were planned for the 2008 season that will allow the college players on the Carolina Chaos roster to serve as mentors to local area youth. 2008 will see a new chapter in the Carolina Chaos Baseball Organization, one that will hopefully carry the team into the future for many years to come, and help shape the lives of college players now and later.